MORA Token

The Meliora Utility Token (MORA) is a native utility token for our platform and itself has multiple forms of utility, essentially being the cornerstone of our present and future ecosystem. MORA is an ERC20 token and it has four main utilities which are passive income, fee discount, revenue generating and governance.

Passive Income
Fee Discount
Revenue Generating

MORA is the governance and utility token of Meliora platform. MORA is a standard ERC20 token and there will ever be maximum of 5500000 tokens. Thus, maximum total supply will never be more than 5500000. On the contrary, MORA will have deflationary features as the surplus staking rewards each month will be burnt forever. Staking contract is designed to distribute 100000 MORA tokens every month and undistributed tokens will be burnt by the contract each month. The chart below shows the token distribution of MORA Tokens.


Token Distribution

Allocation Percentage # of tokens
Token Sale 35.80 % 1.970.000
Staking 18.20 % 1.000.000
Development 16.40 % 900.000
Team 12.70 % 700.000
Liquidity Provision 9.50 % 525.000
Marketing 7.40 % 405.000
Total 100 % 5.500.000